All of the
must-know information on drawing and watercolor painting for the
total newbie in one, organized package.

A lot of people just starting out with drawing or watercolor painting get frustrated with the outcome of their work, unaware of the fact that they've skipped over learning about important topics and basic techniques.

And I don't blame them.

Though we can basically learn
anything we'd like via the Internet, it's rare to find someone that tells you exactly how and where to begin.

Not to mention, the vast amount of information and often contradicting opinions can lead to confusion and overwhelm...
and to us not making forward progress with our art.

This is why I've put these two mini-courses together.

These mini-courses are jam-packed with information I wish I knew when I was first starting to draw and paint using watercolor.

By going through these classes and practicing the suggested exercises, you'll progress much faster and, you won't waste your hard-earned cash on supplies that you don't really need.

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